The host Nuria Roca and her husband, the journalist also Juan de el Val, have gone to the Antena 3 'El Hormiguero' program, in which the character of the program 'The man in black' has become the hostess an angel with the interactive tool Cubensis ' Light Paint', which allows you to draw on a surface with any light source.

Program Antena 3 TV 'El Hormiguero', presented by Pablo Motos, has resorted to the tool of Cubensis 'Light Paint' for painting with light at the plate on the occasion of the visit of the host Nuria Roca and her husband, Juan de el Val, to present the second novel written for four hands, 'The inevitability of love'.

In the section of 'The man in black', imperturbable Science Coordinator and ' art to the beast ' of 'El Hormiguero' has drawn different images with a light through Light Paint, the tool developed by Cubensis, company dedicated to the development of interactive applications tailored for business, cultural events and advertising campaigns. At first, 'The man in black' has drawn a dragon, to then convert to Nuria Roca in an angel with this fantastic painting that uses lights only.

'Light Paint' is an evolution of the photographic technique called fisiograma, where the path of a light source is recorded in movement (in Spanish). The difference in this case is that it is possible to see what is is 'painting' in real time. As in the case of photography, to be able to paint with light any light source is valid, whether a flashlight, a mobile, the flame of a candle... allowing that several people can enjoy the experience at the same time.

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By • 26 Oct, 2012
• Section: infrastructures, Projection, Simulation