The Visual system of constant resolution (CRVS) Boeing, proprietary system of the company American Aeronautics representing the centerpiece of a complete device that provides a 360-degree immersive training, has built-in projectors e-Shift 8K of JVC to provide the highest level of immersion to the pilots.


The new e-Shift with 8K resolution projection technology of JVC carries the visual acuity of the Visual system of constant resolution (CRVS) for the Boeing Company about 20/20, keeping projector system small and affordable, allowing supply nearly four times the resolution of high definition for a workout more realistic and effective military. It almost doubles the horizontal and vertical resolution of a projector, approaching a device 4 K 8 K performance.

Barry Kuhlmann, Visual Boeing systems engineering manager, said: "the CRVS already provided the solution of higher resolution and lower cost of the market. Now, with the spotlights e-Shift 8 K of JVC, the CRVS has taken another step forward in visual performance and fidelity to better prepare military pilots since it allows them to train in a realistic and safe environment".

For his part, Rod Sterling, Chief Engineer of the JVC Technology Center, said: "we believe that image quality counts, whether for entertainment, education or the training of next generation flight. We have designed our e-Shift projector 8K to register an accuracy of 1/16 pixels to provide the clarity and sharpness of Boeing customers are demanding unprecedented."


Almost real-life experiences

The CRVS provides visibility into constant goal throughout the entire field of vision around the pilot and the cockpit in an environment similar to an eggshell that visually transforms into cities, landscapes and complex combat scenarios. Spotlights e-Shift 8K JVC further improve the training experience and allows pilots to identify targets on a range of real life.

The CRVS is compatible with a wide range of cabins of fast jet, rotary wing and Aviator night vision goggles, and easily integrates with existing and future screens mounted in the head. The CRVS current customers can upgrade to e-Shift 8K of JVC without modifying the screens or the structure.

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By • 4 Dec, 2012
• Section: Projection, Simulation