D.A.S. Audio, company specialized in the design and manufacture of sound reinforcement systems, has been present at NAMM 2013, where has unveiled his new Line Array Aero 40A system and Convert 15A, the new three-way self-powered system equipped with Convertible digitally Dispersion.

40A Aero

The manufacturer of speaker systems for the most demanding sound reinforcement applications, D.A.S. AudioHe has held a special event at the NAMM 2013 fair of Anaheim (USA), where the Chief of engineering of the company, Javier Navarro, has brought new sound systems developed by the signature line.

The main novelty has been the new system Aero 40A, the first of a new generation of D.A.S. audio Advanced Line Array Systems (wings). Part of the Aero Series 2, 40A new Aero product line is a line array of size system means that using 12 to 6 inches for the low frequency transducers and averages, respectively, more dual compression for the treble drivers.

The company has also shown at the NAMM speaker system multifunction with variable dispersion Convert 15A and the new SX-218A subwoofers. The new Convert 15A arrayable loudspeaker is a powerful system multi-function that incorporates a number of innovative features that offer an unparalleled level of versatility. Convert 15A incorporates an innovative system that provides features of dispersion definable by the user that allow system is implemented, either as an array of curve source or used individually as a point source.

For its part, the new subwoofer SX-218A is subwoofer's front loading. This speaker system incorporates dual 18″ LF transducers and is powered by a built-in power amplifier RMS of 1800 W. To facilitate transportation, the enclosure has two wheels mounted at the rear of the housing. Together, the DAS Audio convert 15A supplies power to the multifunction speaker system and subwoofer SX-218A make a versatile system of sound reinforcement live able to offer robust features of reproduction of music and intelligibility of the speech.

Jaime Villegas, DAS Audio USA general manager, has highlighted that "the expansion of our product groups of series Convert and the Aero Series 2 is an important milestone for our company".

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By • 28 Jan, 2013
• Section: Audio