School Illa de Sabadell (Barcelona), municipal school of Arts and crafts, has installed a lighting solution telegestionada based on presence and level of KNX lighting system, supervised by Indigo Insight of Siemens.

Siemens Illa Sabadell

The municipal centre of teachings of art and design school Illa de Sabadell, offers a varied educational offer of top grade related with the world of the Visual Arts, graphic design and fashion for about four hundred students. The Centre has computer rooms equipped with software from graphic design, fashion, illustration and photography, audiovisual classroom, laboratory and photography plate, as well as large spaces for sketching, designing and layout, among others.

Siemens Illa Sabadell

With the aim of reducing its high power consumption, the school has installed a system of lighting telegestionado, based on a dual system of presence and level of lighting technology KNX, which is monitored through the Desigo Insight system of Siemens Building Technologies, and which has been applied to a total of 401 luminaires. This facility have achieved a saving of 22.45%, with an annual projection of 13.001 kWh.

Siemens Desigo Insight

The reduction of the demand for electricity consumption for lighting by an intelligent management system; sectoring and management space individualized schedules, schedules and protocols for use of the building, as well as the improvement of the energy using a software management and specific communication tools have been the goals of action in this project. Specific programming this system based on management KNX technology adjusts the ignition of the different sectors of the Centre on the basis of the actual use of classrooms.

Desigo Insight integrated management system is responsible for supervising and monitoring the optimal use of, in this case the lighting installations, although it can also extend to the fire, intrusion, HVAC, electrical, etc. through alarms, records or reports that are displayed and handled from the Desigo insight management station. The parameters established in the Illa school to improve the power consumption is based on turn off lighting when there is no presence in intervals of more than a minute in classrooms, five in offices and ten minutes in Hall; When there is presence, but superior to regulations, as well as for partial power (50% of lighting) are detected levels of light intensity lighting.

Siemens Illa Sabadell

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By • 13 Mar, 2013
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