Un bar de Seattle prohíbe el uso de las gafas de realidad aumentada para preservar la privacidad de los clientes dada la sencillez de hacer fotografías y vídeos con comandos de voz.

Google Project Glass

Las gafas de realidad aumentada de Google aún no han salido a la venta, pero ya son objeto de polémica entre los establecimientos públicos de Estados Unidos.

El bar The 5 Point, en Seatle, ha prohibido, incluso antes de su lanzamiento, la utilización de las gafas de realidad aumentada Google Glass dentro de sus instalaciones. Los gerentes del bar temen por una posible violación del derecho a la intimidad de sus clientes.

In a post on Facebook, its owner, Dave Meinert, explains that the establishment welcomes "variety of people among which include large numbers of fans to technology due to the proximity of Amazon. You have to understand the culture of The 5 Point which is sometimes sordid, even of bad reputation and I think that people want to go there and not be known".

In addition, Meinert concludes that, for this reason, they will not allow "outsiders graben or take unwanted pictures of other customers in the bar, since it is a kind of private place to which people".

Among many other applications, the Google Glass stored data about user activity and invest them in an improvement of the web search.

These data will join those already available to the company, obtained with tracking searches made through your browser.

However, privacy concerns may go beyond the user. Google Glass will also be much easier to take pictures or videos with voice commands, without being noticeable to others. Therefore, many user are reluctant to this type of technology and the new device from Google because it has sparked controversy before being launched.

Date there is still no when will begin to market the Google Glass but he is expected to be at end of year.

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By • 15 Mar, 2013
• Section: Business, Augmented reality