Axis Communications has tiny surveillance cameras for monitoring at ATMs in order to address the needs of better security under the challenge of elaborate fraudulent techniques and attacks on terminals banking.


Maintain security at ATMs is a constant challenge not only banks, but also in open spaces where there are distributed, with people hanging around and doing operations at any time of the day. Even some dispensers operate during the morning, turning them into whites to attack offenders, since very few agencies have on-site security personnel 24 hours.

In view of this need and of the various forms of crime executed in the bank tellers, Axis CommunicationsIt now has a series of video solutions network that offers the latest technologies and the most adaptable products for ATMs, so security is supported with low cost and operational efficiency.

The series Axis P12 is specially designed to meet the specific needs of security in ATMs, providing benefits and advantages of constant protection, with a compact size that allows its adaptability according to the conditions that these dispensers require for a discrete, digital monitoring and out of sight of criminals.

These small cameras are equipped with all the features of larger equipment and can capture images with sharp HDTV quality. Being of small size, equipment can be installed at the height of the eyes unless these are detected, allowing you to capture essential facial details from a natural angle, which will improve safety and identification when committed a crime of theft or fraud.

They also have a system tampering, which activates an automatic alert, warning of a possible crime or breaches in security, instant to ensure that the monitoring system is always running.

These teams have also integrated audio detectors, thus facilitating verification of alarm with tests of video in real time. By having definition HDTV megapixel resolution, these cameras can catch up to the smallest details, permit identification of offenders with greater precision and finish with one of the biggest challenges for security in ATMs so you can count on valid video images to identify criminals.

The series Axis P12 cameras are able to operate in difficult lighting conditions. They are ideal for environments, automated teller machines, ensuring excellent quality and registration of sharp images through an intense sunlight or lighting and reflections on the street.

The functions of intelligent video of these cameras can detect the actions of fraud at an ATM, as for example the "cash trap" or theft of cash.

In addition, the quality of recorded images, it is also possible to detect whether there are people wandering or hidden front of ATMs. And on the other hand, thanks to the privacy mask faces or large areas in a scene from the video, you can ensure compliance with privacy laws.

Finally, another important factor is the detection of the theft of information from the magnetic stripe of the card; electronic equipment such as skimmers may severely affect the results of ATM safety. With the tools and solutions of the series Axis P12 you can set alerts and generate accurate tests and thus reduce the time for investigation and identification of criminals.


Reduction of costs

Remote access to live and recorded video cameras Axis P12 there is no longer a need to spend time and resources by appointing exclusive staff for the pick up and viewing of the material recorded on video; even the video recorded during the night can be received easily.

By your H.264 video compression, it reaches a width of additional bandwidth and storage savings. In addition, Axis network video solutions reduce traditional DVRS compared maintenance costs, since there are no moving parts that can break.

The series Axis P12 has three types of camera which cover different needs and are ready to install hidden in ATMs, all with a great performance, guaranteeing a discreet and compact surveillance solution:

The camera Axis P1204 can be installed flat or inclined on any surface, thanks to the angled mounting bracket. It can also be mounted by hiding it behind a thin sheet of metal at an ATM.

P1214 Axis can be mounted behind any wall or flat surface with a recessed mounting bracket.

The camera Axis P1214-E is resistant to water and dust, with degree of protection IP66, offering the same Axis P1214 mounting options. It can also be mounted in the provided casing suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

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By • 18 Mar, 2013
• Section: Security