The artist specializing in reality augmented BC "heavy" Biermann has reiventado street art in the urban space with applications of augmented reality for mobile, with interactive animations.


The street art or street art is the basis which the artist specializing in reality augmented BC "heavy" Biermann, in collaboration with Transmedia, EAN Mering creative companies and Re+publicIt is used to dynamically reinvent urban public space through applications of augmented reality for mobile with interactive animations.

Re+publicThe artist aims to draw attention to the commercial deployment that exists in urban space and try the citizen to participate with augmented reality applications to give a new sense to the street art works that are in the streets (a wall in the couple Ed with graffiti) and advertising messages that invades them, but with a spectacular and creative result that recreate a virtual history of the site in a more open and democratic way.

Re+publicTo date, has developed and produced applications of augmented reality in urban areas of New York, Los Angeles, Miami, and Norway.

But for now these projects are in private beta, everything suggests that the initiative will go ahead and that these applications will be available for iOS and Android this year. To test them, the user has to register on the website of Re+Public and wait for it to send you the beta.

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By • 27 Mar, 2013
• Section: Augmented reality