App PortAventuraThe PortAventura amusement park has a free application for mobile and tablets to organize the visit to this facility before and during your stay that has interactive maps and geolocation systems.

Coinciding with the opening of the 2013 season, the leisure park PortAventura (Tarragona) has a new free application for mobile and tablets to arrange the visit to the facility, book tickets, hotels, meeting waiting times of attractions, etc., through interactive maps and geolocation systems.

The new app has been developed by the PortAventura Ecommerce team and is available for Android and Apple in six languages (catalan, Spanish, French, English, Russian and German). In addition to previously prepare the visit to the Park (purchase of tickets, booking hotels,...), the user has an interactive map with detailed information and recommended itineraries to visit the Park, as well as creating alerts from start of the shows and custom tours, among other options.

App PortAventuraThanks to a geolocation system, visitors can identify at all times the exact spot where, locate the nearest facilities or even your vehicle in the parking lot. The app also includes the description of each attraction and actual waiting times at each time. Regarding entertainment, in addition to providing information on its contents and schedules, allows create alerts to warn of his home.

Sergio Juan, team manager for PortAventura Ecommerce, "the App is part of the objective of improving the experience and satisfaction of users in the Park, as well as the increase in sales through the impetus of new channels, merchandising and" relationship marketing. In addition, this new application located at PortAventura as one of the resorts most innovative in the use of mobile technologies applied to business".

Others of the benefits of the application is that the system can guide guests to the four hotels located in the Park to your room; Download instantly the images of visitors attractions and, in short, acquire passes express to save waiting times, in addition to daily and annual prizes in the contests organized by PortAventura or share your experience on networks social.


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By • 1 Apr, 2013
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