A staging with a different lighting concept has been the aim of Osram at the stadium Allianz of Munich, in which the lighting effects and the backlight Led and Oled star inside and outside of the headquarters of FC Bayern.

OSRAM Allianz Arena

Stadium lighting system Allianz Arena Munich, both on the field of FC Bayer and in the halls of trophies and exhibitions of the club, it bears the name of the German lighting manufacturer OsramHeadquartered in this city.

The core of the stadium, the field of play, features a white and clear, lighting according to the requirements established by the International Federation of football associations (FIFA) and high definition television, where lamps have been installed in metal halide Powerstar HQ-TS 2000W/D/S DP.

OSRAM Allianz Arena

These systems offer an optimum colour rendering (Ra = 90), with 7.5% more luminous flux with respect to other similar products, with the possibility of hot restrike, which avoids interruptions in the course of the match.

With an exhibition area of 3,050 m2inside the arena was renovated a year ago to improve the experience of visitors to visit the facilities of the team FC Bayer de Munich. The lighting of this space project is based on systems with technology Led and Oled, with intelligent light control.

OSRAM Allianz ArenaOne of the innovations has been a backlit frame BackLed L located at the gateway of the "time tunnel". In this Hall, about 15 m. in length, Osram Led LinearLight Flex Protect modules, installed in the upper and lower part of the walls that simulate be curtains, made as a guide for visitors.

This area also has 420 projectors equipped with PrevaLed Core Z2 of 2,000 lm. installed on rail dimmable Dali, scenographic provision for general lighting and visual attractive accent.

OSRAM has also developed for this project mini-spots rotating and swivelling equipped with Led Oslon, specially designed backlit trophies exhibited in Vitrines of 2.2 m of height.

The stadium has the so-called "Hall of Fame", in which sixteen footballers of Bayern are represented in real size, thanks to the lighting made with downlights LedVance at the top and Led DragonPuck modules at the bottom. Each fixture changes its brightness independently, creating an effect of dynamism that makes one think that the players are moving. Bayern logo occupies the heart of this room large scale rooftop backlit display with BackLed of this manufacturer.

OSRAM Allianz Arena

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By • 23 Apr, 2013
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