Guests at the Brookstreet Hotel have an area of fun and entertainment for your moments of leisure. So you have installed virtual platform EyePlay.

Games room with EyePlay Brookstreet hotel

Digital signage applications are also used as a tool of claim and what better way to do so through leisure and entertainment.

The Brookstreet Hotel in Ottawa (Canada) offers to its guests an interactive attraction that sports both children and adults. In his games room has installed a virtual platform based on EyePlay, developed by EyeClickwhich offers a fun environment full of color and sound.

EyePlay, designed with the MotionAware technology, the solution is based on a screen that is projected on the ground and is activated when someone moves over, offering a virtual gaming platform that allows several participants (up to 15), interact with colorful graphics and sounds.

Hotel Brookstreet games room with EyePlay2

In the game room at the Brookstreet Hotel you can choose from 30 different games for the moments of leisure. The offer is very varied and adapts to all kinds of ages, and may opt for sports (such as football or ice hockey), music (piano, Drums...), arcades and, even, education for children (capital, Solar System).

This is one of the many applications that has the technology of EyeClick, but its use as a tool for digital signage is applicable to a wide variety of environments such as airports, Department stores, shopping malls, museums and medical centers.

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By • 10 May, 2013
• Section: Audio, Study cases, Digital signage, Display, Projection, Simulation