The Spanish system integrator NCL has installed VisualCounter system, for the counting of people and vehicles, in all access Madrid Mall Grand Plaza 2, for the influx of visitors and as a tool of management, marketing and control.

Great Plaza 2Located in the Madrid town of Majadahonda, great square 2 shopping centre opened its doors a year ago, after an investment of 370 million euros, with a commercial area of 60,000 m2 and more than 3,500 parking spaces.

One of his latest projects has been to install the system of counting people and vehicles VisualCounter in all the accesses to the Mall, by the integrator of computer services and telecommunications NCL group.

Gran Plaza 2 responsible for this project aimed to meet the influxes to the Center, demanding a minimum reliability of 95% of the data obtained, a system capable of input data and output, statistics for time slots, days, weeks, months and years, among other parameters.

VisualCounterVisualCounter counting system is a reference tool of management of influxes in the retail sector, since it allows to know influxes to the Mall, total and by time bands, detailed by entry or access areas.

Equally, the system offers added security elements, since it allows quite roughly the number of people who are in the Mall at any given time, if there is any incident.

NCL has been responsible for defining the installation process, checking the doors and the point counts, to the final setting of programming. In total twenty-two devices people have been installed overhead camera, eighteen devices of vehicles with detection loops count, as well as communications over fiber optic wiring and computer management and control.

Great Plaza 2VisualCounter solution also has been integrated with the system of free spaces of the parking, which uses data from the vehicle counting system and displays them in indicative of NCL displays the amount of free in the outdoor parking spaces.

As points out Enrique Valiente, director of Gran Plaza 2, "with this system we can measure in a direct and immediate way occupancy and a space of the parking, the number of people who have entered and which are at the Mall. In addition, if we make an analysis of the data obtained, we can identify access areas preferred by our customers, flows of internal motions, forward-looking of would-be visitors and know the evolution of the mall with comparative".

Data provided by VisualCounter also allows "better planning the Organization of the services of the shopping centre and fit real needs (cleaning, security, parking organization), which are based on inflows registered in periods "similar, and is an essential tool to measure the effectiveness of marketing activities".

Great Plaza 2

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By • 24 May, 2013
• Section: Study cases, Control