The luxury hotel Trilussa Palace in Rome has carried out a project relax and innovative environment in your private spa, based on the projection of images managed with Dataton Watchout software, and ambient lighting that customers can select.

Dataton Engineering Solutions Trilussa Palace

The private spa luxury hotel Trilussa Palace in Rome has created multimedia environment relaxation that transforms choice of its customers based on lighting comfort and projecting soothing images on large screens that are managed with Watchout software DatatonUnder the design and integration of local installer Engineering Solutions.

Dataton Engineering Solutions Trilussa PalaceIn a space of over 100 m2, the new Moon Spa is a relaxing environment for guests private luxury hotel Trilussa Palace Hotel, located in Rome. One of its differentials is the projection of images at the user to create an innovative multimedia environment.

He explains, Andrea de Martino, CEO of Engineering Solutions, "with Dataton Watchout we have created an environmental space that can be transformed in relaxing automatic lighting, audio environment that can be synchronized with the video, spectacular images and atmosphere, according to customer desires. "

Dataton Engineering Solutions Trilussa PalaceTo achieve this environment relax multimedia projectors have been installed three high-resolution LED on the roof of the spa, which project three different videos on screens located in different walls of this space.

At the touch of a button, customers Moon Spa can choose from a library of pre-programmed video, which can be synchronized with audio, as the Caribbean beaches, aerial views of rainforests, images of the Earth from space, slopes of an active volcano, etc.

Claudio Ceroni, responsible for providing licenses Watchout for Engineering Solutions in Rome, "the ability of Watchout software to manage the display of multiple images on a perfect and unbroken presentation on a big screen as well as combine and synchronize your playback with sound and integrated in a DMX lighting console with is spectacular and there was no doubt in his choice for this unique project. "

This is the first time, according to Fredrik Svahnberg, marketing director Dataton, a deployment license Watchout at the spa of a hotel, "with what we have discovered a new equally spectacular and unique application that surely will be done to serve as an example for many similar facilities in the future. As for the images offered and the quality of the results, it's no wonder they want to use our technology. "

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By • 3 Jun, 2013
• Section: Study cases, Digital signage, Projection