The National Museum of natural sciences (CSIC) and Telefonica have developed the first official app from the Museum for an interactive visit to it from anywhere in the world.

Telefónica and MNCN

The application, called 'National Museum of natural sciences (CSIC)', developed by this organization and Telefónica shows general information, such as schedules and plans, and is intended to deepen the exhibition content in a dynamic and entertaining way.

Telefónica and MNCNThe interactive tour offering this application is organized in five areas. The exhibition shows information of the permanent works, with additional resources such as images, audio and texts from the most representative pieces and its location through shots, as well as temporary.

In the scope of activities is possible to consult all the Museum educational initiatives, such as workshops, storytelling, exits to the field, etc. which complement this interactive tour making it more fun and participatory, as well as information about seminars scientists and outreach talks.

Natural sciences MuseumThe multimedia section offers educational content, such as "Do you know about the Museum?", designed to measure the knowledge of the visitor on the permanent exhibitions; "The tree of life", a tour of the tree of life of vertebrates through photographic sequences, graphics and texts, and "something does not fit", you will be able to find infiltrators animals?"

Multimedia content have been developed specifically for the interactive app and written by a team of experts coordinated by the Vicedireccion of exhibitions and public programs of the Museum.

Natural sciences MuseumIn the more information section, the application offers details on timetables and prices, a full plane of the Museum and a geoLocator of position that traces the path from the user to the Museum's location, as well as the option of connecting with the main Networking to share content, which adds news section.

The app of the National Museum of natural sciences is one of the most advanced in the field Museum, since in addition to information complete this (constantly updated) institution, offers the user a series of playful and informative content that they enrich the classroom visit.

Its development is part of the collaboration between the MNCN and Telefónica, with the development of cultural projects with new technologies, such as the redesign of the web portal, the virtual tour, the application of augmented reality for public school, the interactive table Surface, animated hologram of hominid (Homo antecessor) and now the official and free Museum app, developed for both smartphone and tablet.

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By • 4 Jun, 2013
• Section: Study cases, OUTSTANDING, Training, Simulation