Tools for self-development, high resolution monitors or wideowall solutions have been the key players in the booth of NEC Display Solutions during the III Symposium of Digital Signage of Cramb.

NEC Display Hiperwall

NEC Display Solutions It has shown its most innovative signage solutions for the sector, retail, transportation, and dining options at the III Symposium of Digital Signage organized by Visual Crambo in the Royal tapestry factory in Madrid.

Retailer for the trade area, NEC showed their own development solutions enabling you to offer an innovative way the proposal for advertising for all types of establishments at street.

Among this type of solution is Field Analyst with screens X461S, a system of audience measurement that provides statistics for the traffic that pass through a point of sale in real time, identifying if it is male or female, age range, the distance that It is on the camera or CCTV has captured data, and the time that has stood in front of the monitor. As the system collects information, parses it so it can be used for marketing analysis or to link your digital signage to its audiences offering dedicated advertising and paquetizando services that may be offered.

Another of these developments is Leaf Engine is a middleware that connects sensors with software for digital content and digital signage. Through various internal and external sensor systems, the solution provides additional information on products that are of interest to the consumer, allowing customers to interact with them. Different types of sensors, can be used for example lighting, motion, crossbow, etc. so that the end user at the time that remove the product or is approaching the same, displayed through a monitor all the data that is on other promotions related to the product in question, favoring the customer shopping experience.

NEC Display Field AnalystDisplay

In the field of visualization, NEC came with your MultiSync V462TM 46-inch multitouch screen. It is based on a new concept that integrates a camera system at each end, much more accurate and which constitutes as an alternative to the traditional system of touch by touch, to create a field of view which includes all monitor.

This display is capable of recording up to six tactile pressure points simultaneously and is particularly suitable for those shops or supermarkets that have need to change advertising for its establishment with some regularity.

For use in control rooms of airports, civic, such as firefighters and Red Cross centers and utilities companies, NEC offers a solution of 8 screens X463UN walls + an OPS screen.

Monitors incorporate an ultra fine framework of 5.9 mm, resolution 1920 x 1080 Full HD and LED feedback. They offer a lower heat emission, which enables operation for whole days, and only 140 Watts consumption, the half than usual in a model with these characteristics. In addition are the external electronic part, avoiding that it be exposed openly and resulting more economical solution.

NEC Display Solutions is a combination of these screens with your management software Hyperwall, which allows you to control a multitude of monitors unifying or diversifying content, and offering advanced features such as zoom, rotation, shading and transparency, pulling in this way 100% of the capacity of the multiscreen.

MultiSync EA294 WMi is also indicated for those cases in which becomes essential to have a device with multiple screens. It is a very fine panoramic monitor (29 '') and with a resolution of 2560 x 1080, with double display, incorporating ambient light and motion sensors, as well as a meter of carbon.

NEC Display

Para el sector de la restauración y más en concreto, los restaurantes de comida rápida, la evolución hacia los “Menús en Formato Digital” permite a las aplicaciones vQSR promocionar diferentes ofertas durante el día a través de los sistemas de señal digital. Pantallas de NEC Display Solutions como la X55UN permiten a los clientes conocer las ofertas del día incluso si se llevan gafas de sol polarizadas.

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By • 5 Jun, 2013
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