The new system ActiLume Philips Wireless 1-10V control allows automatic adjustment of interior lighting system using the protocol ZigBee radio frequency to eliminate the need for cables.

Philips ActiLume WirelessAs part of the ActiLume range, a system affordable and simple control allows automatic adjustment of indoor fluorescent lighting, Philips has developed two versions: ActiLume DALI 1-10 V and with a multiple sensor detection light level presence and designed to be mounted directly to the luminaires.

Philips ActiLume WirelessThe ActiLume 1-10 Wireless controller uses the protocol ZigBee RF as a flexible solution and energy saving installations where wiring is a problem, facilitating the simultaneous operation of all fixtures located in the same space or room.

This control system can achieve energy savings of up to 70%, according to the company, and the maximum light comfort, and controlling the light sources in general illumination applications, combining the detection of presence and natural light .

Wireless 1-10V ActiLume is particularly suitable for installations with ceiling lights, free standing or in rooms where it is difficult to deploy additional control cables, with the alternative part of the wireless network.

Philips ActiLume WirelessThis system is combined with ActiLume 1-10V sensor and balatos to provide different alternatives for lighting control wireless in an installation, whose implementation is carried out with remote control that can also be set scenes, and also allows personal control.

In addition, the system can work in an integrated manner with all sensors OccuSwitchWireless range of Philips, with the option to create wireless networks up to sixteen devices, even link lights that do not support integrated sensors for maximum luminous efficiency and energy saving .

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By • 14 Jun, 2013
• Section: Thoroughly, illumination