The stadium national Mane Garrincha in Brasilia, the second largest in Brazil, with capacity for 70,000 seats, has been Siemens as supplier of system security, access control and automation of all the sports complex.

Siemens Stadium Mane Garrincha Brasilia

Siemens It has been the technology provider of system security, access control and automation of the stadium Nacional Mane Garrincha in Brasilia, the second largest in Brazil, with capacity for 70,000 seats, which hosted the opening match of the recent Cup Confederations in 2013 and will host as many in the soccer World Cup 2014.

Siemens Stadium Mane Garrincha BrasiliaResult of an agreement with 2014 Brasilia Consortium, involving several construction companies of Brazil, the Siemens security system is made up of more 400 CCTV cameras; 150 lathes for access control; 6,000 points of control and, approximately, equal number of points of fire detection.

CCTV system allows to identify the spectators in the bleachers and grandstands in the field, powered by an advanced image processing software, which also facilitates a hierarchical access password that allows the security forces) Police, firefighters and private security) identify potential problems and take timely action to solve them.

Siemens Stadium Mane Garrincha BrasiliaAccess control provided by Siemens system can integrate database with more different ticket systems, so that the operator of this facility can promote a variety of events.

Winches from the points of entry to the stadium Mane Garrincha are prepared to work with all identification technologies that currently exist in the market, such as bar codes 1 and 2D, mifare cards and smartcards. Details of the system are fully encrypted, which increases the safety of the operations carried out and eliminates the falsification of entries.

The technical areas of the stadium also have coverage of the security system, so the it staff doesn't need keys to open numerous doors of this sports complex.

In this sense, all supplied technologies are centralized in a single unit of command and control, from where access to systems of the stadium and are managed through a single monitor, as has already happened with the installation of these solutions from Siemens in more than 150 sports of the world, as the mentioned Allianz Arena (Germany), Gdansk (Poland) Stadium and facilities in eight stadiums in South Africa.

Siemens Stadium Mane Garrincha Brasilia

Automation and sustainability

Mané Garrincha account also with Siemens Automation solutions to control the consumption of water and energy in the stadium, in order to reduce the emission of waste with the use of sustainable technology, since one of the objectives is that this sports complex to become the first in the world to achieve certification LEED Platinum, which is exclusively given to buildings that meet the highest environmental standards.

Siemens Stadium Mane Garrincha BrasiliaSiemens building automation software installed at the Stadium complies with the requirements of the certification LEED, since it controls the consumption, measurement and use of water and energy, the use of air conditioning and the integration of systems of detection of fire alarm and security.

In addition to the German manufacturer building automation technology, the project at Mane Garrincha also includes computer and systems sound for the entire sports complex, in collaboration with other partner firms.

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