TVs Toshiba L9 series are built with 4K Ultra HD technology and are available in 84, 65 and 58-inch formats.

Toshiba series L9

Toshiba completes its range of solutions with 4K Ultra high definition technology with the series of screens L9, which follow the presented team a year ago, the ZL2 offering 3D without glasses.

Toshiba 65L 9363TV series three Smart LED 84 3D modeling, 65 and 58 inch integrated L9. They typically include a display of Ultra HD (3840 x 2160) resolution with more than eight million pixels, which makes them invisible when viewing a TV of these sizes even a short distance; and multiprocessor Cevo 4K, which is capable of climbing to almost 4K content than have been recorded in that resolution.

Benefits of the L9 series are completed with technology and interface use Toshiba Cloud TV, its Full HD 3D support, the ability to convert 2D content to 3D, and a renovated design with rounded edges.

These teams also include other proprietary image enhancement technologies as 800 AMR (Active Motion & Resolution), which reduces the loss of detail that sometimes is seen on images with a lot of movement.

New L9 series has the technology Cloud TV, which brings together in a single interface to access all the contents: services of television, Video on Demand (VoD), satellite TV, music, games and social networks.

Toshiba series L9

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By • 17 Jul, 2013
• Section: Display