On the occasion of the arrival of world leaders for the G8 Summit held recently in Belfast, The One Campaing organized a visual and digital music event for three days at the Tate Modern in London with XL Video.

XL Video Tate Modern One

Called 'agit8', this event visual, documentary and musical projection aims to inspire people to get involved in the fight to end extreme poverty in the world.

XL Video Tate Modern Onethe multinational XL VideoWho has worked in the past with The One Campaign, he has been responsible for carrying out the spectacular projection above, in order to provide projection on the facade of the Tate Modern in London, for which covered the tower of this installation projectors high gloss HDQ-2K40 Belgian firm Ship.

The content of the projection during the three nights that lasted the event was created expressly for 'agit8' by producer The Found Collective in collaboration with director Richard Curtis, in which a part documentary and other art are included which video, music, animation and animated graphics incorporated.

XL Video Tate Modern OneTo ensure excellent visibility on the facade of the building, even at sunset, XL Video installed eight HDQ Barco projectors - 2K 40, to project content from a couple of media servers Cisco Catalyst.

Tate Modern is a unique building which is divided into three sections: two front walls and a tower, in which a couple of boat systems were installed in each. The other two projectors were used for the projection of the logo at the top of the Tower, a lighthouse in the city of London to raise awareness of The One Campaign.

XL Video Tate Modern OneDurante los tres días del evento se realizaron actuaciones musicales durante el día y por la noche en un escenario montado junto al edificio Tate Modern, al lado del río. La instalación realizada por XL Video se componía de una pantalla Led de gran formato con un proyector Barco NX6 y un servidor de medios para manejar el contenido.

As Paul McCauley, project manager at XL Video explains, "It has been a challenge for us since the beginning, since we had a limited truck access as well as very short line-up and properly place the projectors in the tower . The end result has been incredible; brightness and image quality of Barco projectors 40k has been excellent, despite the projection surface, which was brown brick ".

XL Video Tate Modern One

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By • 19 Jul, 2013
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