The encoder / VN-Matrix decoder 250 Extron Electronics is a HDCP compliant solution for real-time transmission of high resolution video and audio over IP networks without visual loss and very low latency.

Extron VN-Matrix 250

Extron Electronics He presented the encoder / decoder 250 VN-Matrix which provides real-time transmission of high resolution video, HDCP compliant HDMI, DVI, RGB, via standard IP networks.

The VN-Matrix 250 offers real-time transmission of high resolution HDCP compliant HDMI, DVI, RGB or video over standard IP networks for use in real-time transmission, recording and playback applications.

This team of Extron Electronics accepts RGB and HDMI signals at resolutions up to 1920 × 1200 and 2048 × 1080, video streams and audio over an IP network, and decodes content to the resolution of the original source.

specifically designed to support mission critical applications AV, the VN-Matrix 250 supports transmission and video audio signals in common use, including HDCP-encrypted video.

With a latency of 70 ms, the VN-Matrix 250 incorporates PURE3 Codec, compression technology based on waves that overcomes many of the performance characteristics of compression systems based on standards.

The VN-Matrix 250 Series offers high performance and low latency real-time, making it ideal for live events, remote collaboration, medical simulations and remote control applications using video.

Thanks to the codec PURE3 technology, this system Extron Electronics offers high performance in transmitting high-resolution video or graphic data in real-time critical where maintaining the quality of the original source is essential for the application.

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By • 24 Jul, 2013
• Section: Audio, signs distribution, networking, streaming Media