The City Council of Palencia and the company's digital marketing have modernized the urban furniture of the city with the installation of the two first 'marquees' digital of 80 inches full HD in Europe.

Playthenet City Council Palencia

Digital signage systems have reached the streets of Palencia, result of an agreement between this Council and the company, with the installation of the first two 'marquees' (or e-plays) digital technology full HD from all over Europe, and 80 inches as they have pointed out from the company.

Playthenet City Council PalenciaThese devices, visible on both sides, provide information of interest to local, cultural and tourism for both citizens and visitors, news in real time, in addition to being an innovative element for the revitalization of local trade through the implementation underway commercial promotion campaigns.

As pointed out by the Mayor of the City Council of Palencia, Alfonso Polanco, both the installation of these 'marquees' large size and the management thereof does not imply an extra cost to the citizens or the session, since it is "a public concession contract.

The financing of the new street furniture will take place through advertising that placed different settlements, since it is the occupation of the public thoroughfare".

Playthenet City Council PalenciaThese systems, operating since mid-July and strategically located on the main roads of the city, also will have a direct channel of the City Council, which will inform its citizens in real time of any incident in the city (works, streets); Services administrative, cultural and leisure. tourism initiatives, among other content.

The new 'e-plays' or 'marquees' of the Spanish company are part of the digital network that this company has distributed throughout Spain, with more than 2,000 points in urban areas, shopping centres, supermarkets or pharmacies, among others.

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By • 31 Jul, 2013
• Section: Study cases, Digital signage, Display, dynamic Advertising