The manufacturer of audio systems Shure, whose products distributed in Spain and Portugal Earpro, has developed the new series of wireless microphones, analog and digital, BLX and GLX-D.

Shure BLX288

The new wireless microphones BLS and GLX-D of Shureoffering great functionality and clarity of audio digital for easy setup and operation. These modern design systems, distributed in Spain and Portugal by Earprooffer an immediate start setting for music professionals and events at an affordable price.

BLX series wireless systems have multiple options of receivers (including one half-rack for fixed applications), as well as settings of the receivers. Models BLX4 and BLX88, lightweight and ultra-portable, are perfect for musicians ranging from campus on campus; While BLX4R uses a durable chassis of half-rack with removable antennas and has everything you need for installation into a rack of equipment.

Shure BLX1288As explained by Erik Vaveris, category director of Shure wireless products, "the idea behind the new BLX range is to provide a product of high performance, within the reach of everyone. BLX audio has been designed to match the other wireless systems of range and higher prices Shure sound quality and includes important advances to achieve improved wireless stability."

BLX wireless microphones have a range of up to 91m, performance batteries with an autonomy of up to 14 hours. Powered by two AA batteries, the systems are available with a wide range of transmitters, beltpack and flap settings, and multiple options of hand, lavalier, instrument or headband microphones.

Digital wireless series Shure GLX-D combines LinkFreq (automatic frequency management) technology, smart lithium-ion batteries and a sturdy construction. These systems operate in a frequency band of 2.4 GHz and are the first designed by Shure that offer a performance optimized with the automatic management of frequencies, which analyzes the spectrum of RF, identifies the best frequencies available and automatically sends the frequencies to the transmitter and the receiver.

Shure GLXD16In case of RF interference, the transmitter and the receiver of GLX-D is way together to clean frequencies, without interrupting the audio signal. They have traditional hand and belt-pack transmitters configurations and include systems for voices, Diadems and presenters, as well as a new option for guitar pedal (GLXD6) with a built-in tuner, which is incorporated easily to any footswitch.

Each of the transmitters GLX-D is powered by smart batteries of lithium-ion battery for up to sixteen hours in continuous use with a full load, which can operate for 10,000 hours, the equivalent of 2,500 AA batteries, which means a significant saving in the costs.

In addition, they have a wide variety of food options, including USB connections. The standard GLXD4 receiver has a LCD display, detailing the level of batteries, in hours and minutes.

Shure BLX188

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By • 2 Aug, 2013
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