The Gensler architectural Studio and The Hive interactive advertising agency have joined experiences to transform the waiting rooms and receptions in a multimedia environment with augmented reality, with the project ' Multi Surface experience'.

Gensler The Hive

The Los Angeles Office of the architectural Studio of reception Genslerone of the most prestigious in the world, has been transformed into a multimedia, interactive environment that incorporates augmented reality technology to enhance the experience of visitors while they wait to be received.

This pilot project has been possible thanks to the joint work by Gensler and interactive advertising agency The Hivethat they want to move this development to other companies in order to transform an innovatively receptions, lobbies and lounges, that can apply content personalized according to your needs and sector.

Gensler The Hive

Called ' Multi Surface experience', the aim of this installation is to demonstrate the possibilities offered by the integration between physical space and digital systems, in order to involve and inform visitors on the philosophy of a company, a hotel, a hospital, etc. to improve your experience while waiting and corporate image.

In this regard, the office of Gensler in Los Angeles a table with a book, called SLO gene is located in table, integrating digital systems and augmented reality, in which development has collaborated Gensler and a group of architecture students from the school Polytechnic University of California.

Thanks to the interface integrated in the table, visitors can interact using hand movements to digitally scan the content about the architectural projects carried out by Gensler. The system allows to increase each object, building which is shown with a new layer of digital content and adds new context to the contents of the book.

Gensler The Hive

In addition, this interface allows visitors to access and view the portfolio of the company in a videowall 4k connected with the table and located on the wall of the reception, showing Gensler projects in various sectors, covering from international airports to luxury shops.

Alan Robles, designer of Gensler in Los Angeles, "as architects and designers we tried to understand how technology and experience influence the spaces that we create. "Multi Surface experience is a stylish and innovative space that allows people to interact with their environment in a way that had never done before".

In this line, Yahav Ran, an expert in multi-display technology, notes that "namespaces are evolving, as well as the expectations of the users space. "This facility is a channel so that the user can experience, with a creative content to attract his attention, and have created a sustainable mini-canal that excites and entertains the public".

Gensler The Hive

Technology integration project

Multi Surface technological systems experience are based on WUX5000 REALiS projector of Canonfor the interface and the components of reality augmented; a LCD videowall (4 × 4) configuration Clarity Matrix of Planar which shows the contents of the portfolio of Gensler.

Gensler The HiveThis system is managed by digital software CMS of YCD Multimediawhich allows reproduction 4 K on the walls of Planar and allowing interact with custom software created by The Hive to improve user experience and integrate components of augmented reality.

To this is added the sensor Microsoft Kinect, for Windows cameras, as well as Kinect for Windows Commercial SDK and OpenCV (open source computer vision). All these providers have worked with Gensler and The Hive in what was the first version of a long-term technological collaboration.

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By • 3 Sep, 2013
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