implanted cameras Mobotix M24M-Sec video surveillance on the Azores Islands to capture web images of the area in real time and strengthen your business.

MOBOTIX M24M-Sec is a portal, owned by Radical synonym, which aims at the dissemination of images in real time from different places of tourist interest in the Azores. In addition to the images, they also perform advertising cultural events, as well as much entertainment as sports activities and images in real time in the area, where you can check for climate is a key element of its business.

To expand its activity, targeted advertising, and get more information of the area, decided to introduce cameras that could capture images that needed. And, to carry out the project they chose Optivisus services, accommodations partner of Mobotixthat he chose M24M-Sec cameras since they were the better adapted to operational requirements of, since they do not require maintenance and can withstand temperatures from-30 ° to 60 ° C, as well as humidity and saltpetre.

Mobotix M24M-Sec security camera offers a resolution of 2048 × 1536 megapixels and digital zoom, while in resolution VGA (640 × 480) manages to capture 30 frames per second.

A total of 13 distributed cameras were installed between the island of San Miguel and the Azores, which have placed in church towers, communication towers and the light poles. Each one of the most emblematic places of the area features a camera M24M-sec.

Its resistance has already been tested after the passage of hurricanes Gordon and Nadine, which reached winds of between 90 to 150 Km/h.

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By • 11 Sep, 2013
• Section: Security