SolidWorks 2014 includes new tools and enhancements to shorten the process of 3D design and simulation, optimize collaboration and increase productivity.

3DS - Streamlined Simulation Setup

The range of software 3D Solidworks 2014's Dassault Systèmes It includes a wide variety of products, including 3D CAD, simulation, data management of products, technical communication and electrical design.

The new Solidworks 2014 version includes new tools and enhancements to shorten the design process, improve collaboration and increase productivity in four key areas: design tools, integrated workflows, performance increases and best visualization to facilitate collaboration.

SolidWorks 2014 helps product designers to transfer more quickly their creative ideas from sketches of design and images to 3D models, at the same time extending the set of design tools for transforming ideas into products targeting new markets.

It is also possible to share and get an early support for 3D models through physical prototypes that work with 3D printing of Solidworks partners. With eDrawings, companies can view 3D designs and demonstrate how they behave products in the real world, through the 3D experience of augmented reality on any iOS device, such as an iPad or an iPhone.

3DS - Enhanced Assembly PerformanceDesign and visualization

The new design tools that have been integrated include advanced forms control, the definition in detail drawings and improvements in metal sheets.

The new functionality to choose the style of the curves, autoranging Sketch Picture and tapered round controls allow you to create complex surfaces and organic forms more quickly, easily and with more precise control.

For its part, the new feature for metal sheets allows a faster creation of geometry of metal roofs, as well as an improvement of the data for manufacturing.

Regarding improvements of visualization simulation configuration is optimized and improved performance and visualization of assemblies. SolidWorks Simulation takes advantage of automatically engineering data for re-use in simulations, eliminating duplication and improving collaboration in the design. With the toolbar in context Quick Mate and Slot Mate, it is possible to create assemblies of more quickly and easily.

3DS-EPDMWorkflows, increased productivity

The optimised Solidworks Enterprise PDM workflow allows you to easily manage more data with the new integration with Microsoft Office and the graphical preview improved in the web client. The integration between Solidworks Enterprise PDM and eDrawings in order to optimize, share and track more easily electrical designs, improving collaboration in the projects has also been improved.

Productivity has also increased with the new support for Android devices and the features that have been included to optimize the estimation and reporting of costs. It is possible pricing parts faster with less configurations, and then share the data of costs more effectively within the value chain of the company.

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By • 12 Sep, 2013
• Section: Simulation