A closed television, equipped with NEC screens, circuit and informative touch screen have been two innovations which HiperDino has installed in its centers of Las Palmas and Tenerife in the hands of Dj3 Canary.

Dj3 circuit TV Hiperdino Alcala

HiperDino group has reformed its commercial centre of Triana in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, endowing it with a cutting edge design and functional, where digital signage has a leading role. In parallel he carried out the integration of the system of corporate television in the center of the chain of supermarkets on the island of Tenerife, Superdino Alcalá, located in the municipality of guide of Isora.

To carry out this project, HiperDino entrusted to Dj3 Canary the development and implementation of the circuit of corporate television and dynamic advertising in both centers.

A total of 24 screens have been installed in two deployments NEC 32- and 42-inch, touch systems for management and monitoring of shifts in the sections of perishable, technology of virtual voice for the generation of messages associated with the campaigns and ad hoc Announcements, as well as ambient music channels integrated with the television programming.

Dj3 circuit TV Hiperdino Alcala

Canaries supermarkets group, wants that Triana shop is the flagship that guide the rest of inaugurations that the company plans to make over the coming months. The modern HiperDino Triana shares the idea again concept of supermarket, offering their customers new ways to make your purchase.

Innovations such as electronic Fabian, updated automatically, reducing potential errors in prices; a circuit of screens with plasma TVs situated on the roof and along throughout the property, which provide information about offers, promotions and the shift in the fishmonger and Deli sections; and a touch of Wantudu where the customer can make multiple inquiries, are innovations that have been introduced in HiperDino Triana.

Dj3 circuit TV Hiperdino Alcala

This touch screen is offered as an area where you can compare the price of any product available in the supermarket, with the competition, as well as offering recipes and coupons that may be printed on-site or send an email. Through this support, it is possible to locate any product in the supermarket.

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By • 14 Oct, 2013
• Section: Study cases, Digital signage, Display, signs distribution, dynamic Advertising