CBS Outdoor, along with Paradigm AV, implements a platform for XTP digital advertising for the exhibition which takes place in London, The Crystal, which offers a vision of how the future subway. The real scale of train Siemens inspired model is the center of attention.

Siemens exhibition inspired by 4 London

Since October 8 and until January 2014, the international exhibition dedicated to urban sustainability, The Crystal, which is located in the Royal Victoria Docks (London), hosts an exhibition devoted to the railways of the future where a model is exposed to real scale of developed underground by SiemensInspired, and shows how it could be a station of metro in a few years.

This exhibition has been set up by Siemens in association with CBS Outdoor and the London Transport Museum.

The heart of the exhibition is the model of real meter size Siemens inspired, a train without a driver that is designed to set new standards in its class and meet the needs of public transport in cities. Inspired is 30% more efficient and 20% lighter than modern subway trains, with an interior completely illuminated and equipped with air conditioning.

To help provide greater realism to this model CBS Outdoor hired to Paradigm AV to give dynamic advertising, as if it were a real subway station. And, the most advanced technologies as the displays were on display with Cross Track Projection (XTP). It's a technology that display on large screens perpendicular content advertising in continuous movement and which allows to remotely control the information.

This technology has already been implemented by CBS Outdoor in different metro stations in London, forming a network of digital advertising is serving support so different brands to promote their products.

In this model, which simulates a futuristic subway station, ads and messages are shown in high definition on a curved wall located in front of the station platform.

Siemens exhibition inspired in London

Digital platform XTP

Moreover, Paradigm AV has developed a series of frames TCP (advertising panels), which just like with advertising messages XTP, requiring great accuracy for their design and implementation.

The designer of Paradigm AV, Kathryn Norford, confirms that in order to make the XTP digital advertising platforms will have pointed out two projectors NEC PH1400U, equipped with a lens of short fixed projection 0 NP25FL. 67:1, specified by CBS Outdoor and NEC stacking system has been used.

These teams were chosen since they were compatible with the accessories and image scaler Caliber HQView320 HDMI/DVI, which includes anti-aliasing edges on all four sides, correction of flexible geometry and warp complete mapping functions, allowing that the image is distorted and fits the curved screen.

Siemens exhibition inspired in London

Pallet display TCP

The Tube Car Panels (TCP frames) train, designed by AV the same Paradigm that displays station, allows you to view digital images on a curved surface, located in the interior of the wagons. To do so, to that end, Paradigm AV has used two projectors Panasonic PT - RZ470 with standard lens and two caliber HQView320 for deformation. These are accompanied by rear projection Paradigm towers and mounting devices.

Pro Display applied to the transparent acrylic 3 mm rear projection to follow the way of the train. "The formation of acrylic was performed by the Curvature Group, that company also was commissioned to manufacture the model of train, while the design and installation of projectors and rear projection towers was responsible for Paradigm AV", explains Norford.

Siemens exhibition inspired in London

For its part, CBS Outdoor has been responsible for supply content and media players, while Paradigm AV has managed the complete installation, including the distortion of images.

Besides the inspired Siemens, the exhibition features on the screens of this sham season different interactive experiences that show how to help travelers find their way more easily in a station, the latest development in the delivery of e-ticketing, passenger information systems and station management solutions.

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By • 25 Oct, 2013
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