The developer of solutions for digital signage Dzine has incorporated new techniques SmartScheduling and target advertising in their applications and dynamic digital advertising solutions, marketed by Techex.

TechEx dZine Displayer Eco

In order to direct the commercial content at the right time and the right public, Belgian developer dZinerepresented on the Spanish market by TechexIt has incorporated target advertising techniques for dynamic digital advertising targeted and proactive.

The application of this technique is based on the integration of a camera on the screen to detect gender, age, and number of people who are viewing a display of dynamic digital advertising using the measurement of audiences of dZine, installed plugin in the This company DISplayer.

TechEx dZine target advertisingCombined with the registration of content, this system carries out statistics that indicate the age and sex of persons detected by the camera, along with commercial or promotional content that has been shown at that time customer.

As noted from dZine, "This opens a new dimension in tools of action of marketing, linking the content displayed with the demographic composition of the spectators at some point in time in front of the screen".

TechEx dZine Displayer EcoFor this purpose are used techniques of facial recognition and audience measurement, which detected with high accuracy the gender and age of the public that display ad at any given time, and whose results are used to make a programming Smart or SmartScheduling, which is a process that, based on these measurements, changes the reproduction of the contents in dZine DISplayer in real time.

For example, in the event that the male gender is the demographic nominante, content can change is one exclusive to men. SmartScheduling allows you to orient further messages to the Group of viewers that is front of dynamic advertising screen at a specific time. To maintain privacy, this system won't record to persons and identification data are not extracted in a unique way, but as a group.

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By • 13 Nov, 2013
• Section: Thoroughly, Digital signage, Display, dynamic Advertising