Illuminator light Elenek IR52 has been integrated in the S14, S15 and Mobotix Q24 surveillance cameras to prevent overexposure of light in the center of the image.


The manufacturer of network of megapixel cameras video surveillance systems MobotixIt has integrated a device in its Chambers S14, S15, and Q24 which prevents possible overexposure of light in the center of the image.

It's 180 degrees IR52, developed Infrared Illuminator for Elenek, company that focuses on the manufacture of lighting systems for the sector security.

MOBOTIX S14 and S15

The Illuminator Elenek IR52 gets 75% of light to be distributed to the sides avoiding overexposure, especially when he spends people under the camera, and makes the image sharper. In addition, the S version can be Chambers S14 and S15 of Mobotix at the center of the illuminator and allows you to install it on the roof. THE IR52 when combined with Documentario - 18, Ethernet cable feeds the illuminator and the camera.

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By • 19 Nov, 2013
• Section: illumination, Security