Videology, one of the world's largest video advertising platforms, has announced an agreement with AddThis, specialized in distributed content, to create tailored profiles and find specific audiences at scale, even in markets where conventional data is scarce or non-existent.


The agreement with AddThis contributes to Videology the ability to create profiles based on consumer interests and demographics, as its tools are found on more than fourteen million websites around the world, which means a massive inventory of behavioral data that offers relevant information about the user to particular media and advertisers, and allows advertising platforms to target each of those segments.

In this sense, AddThis tools have been integrated with Videology Campaigh Engine, and the data is already active in Spain, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, United States and Canada. They are currently being introduced in the UK, Russia, Australia, Southeast Asia, to be followed by new markets in line with Videology's strategy to expand its global presence.

AddThisAll this information is already being used to create specific segments in commercial campaigns., as well as to identify which consumers could be in the market looking for specific products. For example, in Spain, wider audience segments have been designed (feminine luxury, male luxury, Etc.), as well as by age range and education, to maximize video platform opportunities.

Catherine Hallam, product manager, Videology data strategy and analytics, stresses that "in many countries there are no data providers, and locating the information needed to accurately identify the consumer on a large scale is almost impossible. This agreement gives us the possibility to create segments and categories around the world instantly and, thanks to this, we are helping to solve the key to programmatic purchasing, as well as advertisers to make smarter decisions".

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by • 4 Dec, 2013
• section: Signal distribution, Studies, business