With the recent opening of three new centres, Hiperdino Canarian food chain already has a network of digital signage that exceeds one hundred screens, which have been integrated to the corporate television circuit Hiperdino TV, according to the project designed and executed by Dj3 Canary.

Dj3 Canary Hiperdino

Group feeding Hiperdino, based in the Canary Islands, has passed the barrier of the hundreds of screens of the digital signage network, integrated into the Hiperdino TV channel, after the reopening of three supermarkets located in the islands of Fuerteventura and Lanzarote.

This dynamic advertising and circuit television project has been developed and implemented (from engineering to production and content management) since its inception by the digital signage and audiovisual systems specialist Dj3 Canary, based in the Islands, in which Hiperdino entrusted his 'new supermarket concept", as it has been reported on several occasions Digital AV Magazine.

New centres of dunes and the roundabouts, in the island of Fuerteventura, and Valterra in Lanzarote, have put in a total of 47 screens of professional range of NEC Display Solutions, together with those already existing in the rest of the circuit of this power supply chain on, a total of 115 screens deployed in 2013 by Dj3 Canary.

Touch systems and integrated audio

Dj3 Canary Hiperdino

As in the rest of the Hiperdino chain, these new supermarkets also have touch systems for management and monitoring of shifts in the sections of perishable foods, technology of virtual voice for the generation of messages associated to the campaigns and ad hoc Announcements, as well as ambient music channels integrated the Hiperdino TV channel programming.

One of the novelties that Dj3 Canary has joined this network of dynamic digital advertising with the opening of new centres is the possibility that customers can visualize on deployed screens in each Hiperdino supermarket offer prices and its comparison with the competition.

In this sense, customers have a new shape, completely transparent, offer information that will help them in the decision making process at the time of your purchase, that also avoids them having to scroll to other surfaces or spend time comparing prices. All contents of this channel are displayed in three languages, Spanish, English and German, to respond to the type of people who go to these centers.

Following the aim of the feed chain to offer customers innovative, comfortable and pleasant shopping experience, and coinciding with the start of the Christmas campaign, also added a specific music for these dates in order of to enhance the festive and endearing character of these parties.

Dj3 Canary Hiperdino

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By • 5 Dec, 2013
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