The Tate Modern in London launched a new interactive audiovisual space in which any visitor can create a work and "hang" at the Museum.

Bloomberg Connects at Tate Modern

Bloomberg Connects (photo: Studio Blackburn)The Tate Modern in London has just get underway, in collaboration with Bloomberg, a series of digital initiatives including a new interactive audiovisual space from which visitors to the Museum can be "exposed" his own works.

Bloomberg Connects Drawing bar, visitors can, thanks to a touchscreen with a palette of colors and brushes, drawing a work and expose it on one of the walls of the Museum. Five projectors of Panasonic they embody the work on the wall, at the same time that the "artist" can submit their work to the Flickr Tate.

Within this initiative Bloomberg Connects have been installed, in addition, a total of 65 screens scattered around the enclosure from which visitors can share comments about the works exhibited at the Tate, discover the Museum or interact with different surfaces connected with motion sensors.

Bloomberg Connects project has been the work of designers Jason Bruges Studio and Studio Blackburn.

Nicholas Serota, director of Tate, said that "in the coming years we have to devote so much attention to digital as we have recently given to the physical expansion and the improvement of our buildings. Bloomberg Connects encourages creativity that exists within each of us, recognizing the importance of dialogue."

Bloomberg Connects

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By • Dec 18, 2013
• Section: Study cases, OUTSTANDING, Display, Projection