Cisco and Telefonica have been the companies responsible to implement a telepresence room and solutions of IP telephony at the Argentine Institute of Ophthalmology Zaldiviar which facilitates remote diagnosis and streamlines surgical decisions of critical cases.

Telepresence from Telefónica and Cisco in the Zaldivar Institute

Telefónica Y Cisco Systems, as a technological partner, have provided a telepresence solution Instituto Zaldivar immersive that allows querying remote optimizing the diagnostic capability, consensus practices and make more efficient decisions of cases critics.

The Telepresence room positions the Zaldivar Institute of Argentina as a technological leader in ophthalmologic diagnosis. In this project have been integrated IP telephony and Telepresence solutions in collaboration with Cisco, and Telefónica, this institution of health shows that the diagnosis is one great possibilities generated by telemedicine.

Precursor in the incorporation of telemedicine practices, the instituto Zaldivar can manage, through this solution, between 30 and 40 weekly consultations between their offices in Buenos Aires and Mendoza. This technology provides patients an immersive experience that provides care to patients in a virtual manner by specialists who are headquartered in the Western Province.

Commenting on the benefits that this technology makes the scope of medical management, Dr. Roger Zaldívar, director of the Centre medical Zaldivar, argues that "telepresence brings us closer to our patients. There is no doubt that the use of video communication has revolutionized our lifestyle and is one of our betting towards innovation in medicine. With this differentiated service not only optimize the diagnostic capability, but also the quality of care offered".

Telepresence from Telefónica and Cisco in the Zaldivar Institute

For his part, Enrique Fornonzini, commercial director of the Telefónica companies segment, ensures that from the development of this solution "we approach our customers benefits that fit your needs. On this occasion, through an ambitious project for integration of communications, we offer the latest technology and our experience in ehealth solutions to facilitate the medical management and ensure a better quality and efficiency in medical care".

The Telepresence sessions at the service of the visual health help patients avoid unnecessary travel, while saving time and cost. With the virtual consultation is accessed to all the assistance that is necessary and, in case of need, can confirm the transfer to the headquarters of the Institute to perform surgery.

Telepresence allows a doctor to perform a medical practice and can see, through a screen and cameras in three dimensions, the structure, in this case of the eye, dimensioned size and without losing definition. These practices provide an environment similar to the consultation of traditional, where, thanks to the conditioning of the rooms, which maintain the same aesthetic, distribution and equipment, ensure that it diluted the notion of distance giving the feeling that is It is interacting in the same space.

Equipment room Telepresence

Las salas de telepresencia están provistas de un sistema de audio espacial, vídeos de alta calidad y un óptimo servicio de transmisión de datos que no genera retardos en imagen y sonido.

El servicio de telepresencia que brinda Telefónica se sustenta en un enlace de datos de 20 MB en cada filial. Los equipamientos de video, cámaras y pantallas han sido provistos por Cisco, como socio tecnológico, al igual que el resto de los equipos de telefonía IP y video de telefonía que se integran en esta solución.

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By • Dec 18, 2013
• Section: infrastructures, networking, Health, Telepresence / Videoconferencing