So that citizens and visitors can show and share their pictures and memories in these dates, the facade digital at Medialab-Prado in Madrid's plaza de letters, will be available tomorrow, December 19, with the slogan 'Open facade'.

Facade Medialab Prado

During the evening of tomorrow, December 19 (since the 18:30 h to 21:00), Medialab Prado available to all citizens of Madrid, especially in the District of Las Letras, and visitors puts its facade digital display and share your images, personal memories and messages in this Christmas on this 'open facade'.

Medialab-PradoThis is one of the initiatives that Medialab Prado, laboratory of production, research and dissemination of cultural and digital projects dependent on the area of Arts, sports and tourism of the city of Madrid, which take place during Christmas and is part of the master project of Niels Goossens, the Leuven University exchange student.

Citizens must send their images, memories, or messages to Medialab Prado (both at the e-mail that appears on your website, such as Facebook created for this event group) that are displayed on the date indicated on the digital front, while inviting the rest of ci udadanos and visitors to see and enjoy this digital experience.

Virtual space for Exchange and communication

Facade MediaLab Prado

The facade digital Medialab Prado, designed by Langarita-Navarro architectsIt is part of the rehabilitation project of the building of the Belgian sawmill, headquarters of this laboratory, which is located on its north face and consists of 94 rectangular LED panels, using the system Philips Color Kinetics iColor Flex SLX.

According to the project of architects Langarita-Navarro, the facade is based on the system LED Action Facade, a patented model for the realization of facades digital large format, consisting of an array regular nodes of RGB LEDs implemented through cones of aluminium, whose section are designed to reflect the beam of emissive sources and improve the viewing of the screen.

Facade MediaLab PradoThis system has made it possible to set up a digital media of irregular geometry for the broadcasting of images of medium resolution (both fixed as in movement), with a viewing angle of 115 ° and a distance viewing of 7 m. minimum and maximum of 30 m.

To improve interaction and interactive projects based on the image recognition and movement, on the facade Madrid digital plaza de Las Letras was installed a CCTV camera system color collection of images in real time.

When the system is turned off, the set of cones and nodes (around 35,000) become a vibrant surface, natural light-activated and that away its aspect of conventional urban screens.

Medialab Prado

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By • 18 Dec, 2013
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