Japanese multinational Toshiba has re-sponsored the countdown to receive the new year 2014 in The New York Times Square, with a great music, light and sound show that was followed by more than a million people live and millions on television and Internet.

Toshiba Time Square 2014

The traditional countdown of the famous 'Ball Drop' or crystal ball that each year marks the end of one year and welcomes the next one in New York's iconic Time Square has once again had the Japanese multinational official sponsor as an official sponsor Toshiba.

Toshiba Time Square 2014The screen that crowns the central building of Times Square, called Toshiba Vision, located just below the luminous glass ball, showed the countdown to receive the new year in the city of skyscrapers, which was reinforced with an audiovisual spectacle of pyrotechnic effects.

In addition to this large screen, Toshiba distributed six other mobile LED systems throughout the square to delay the arrival of 2014 throughout the day in sixteen other cities around the world, starting with Tokyo, home of this multinational. In this sponsorship, the company also supported this spectacular event with a mobile app for phones and tablets specific to the occasion, called Times Square Ball App, which allowed live access to everything that was going on in the square, as well as including videos exclusive and content related to the New Year.

Toshiba Time Square 2014As already ahead Digital AV Magazine, this show of live performances, visualization, light and confetti was followed by more than a million people live and many millions for television and the Internet, despite the sub-zero temperatures, to receive 2014, as Toshiba also enabled a website to follow the whole event.

The traditional sixty-second countdown that brings down the great luminous sphere was initiated by the supreme court justice, Sonia Sotomayor, when she activated the downhill button, which the crowd gathered in the square was chanting until it burst into jubilation and the cries of celebration, accompanied by a shower of confetti and fireworks.

Toshiba Time Square 2014

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By • 2 Jan, 2014
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