Designed for professional applications, the projector Optoma Proescene W505 is designed with DLP technology. It offers resolution WXGA, 5,200 lumens and a 2000:1 contrast.

Optoma W505

The projector Optoma Proescene W505 offers bright images of great clarity thanks to its WXGA resolution and its 5,200 lumens of brightness. Equipped with DLP technology of Texas InstrumentsThis Full HD projector transmits the image to 120 Hz and allows you to show any content in full-screen, full-color and in 3D.

The system of displacement of the lens that incorporates the projector Optoma W505 combined with multiple interchangeable lens options, provide great flexibility of installation. Adjustment of approach along with these features make your image displayed with optimum quality always in the desired location.

Optoma W505 includes a 370W UHP lamp that offers a high luminosity, essential requirement of all projectors designed for professional applications like this. These lamps keep their original shine longer and achieve an optimal color spectrum.

This projector also features the DarkChip3 from Texas Instruments technology, allowing you to offer a 2000:1 contrast ratio and show graphics treble and texts of great clarity. White black and more vigorous ultra-rich make images come to life and the text much easier to read.

Professional environment

Optoma W505

Designed specifically for professional applications, the W505 includes a Dicom mode, which has been specially configured to see the images in grayscale, ideal to see the x-rays in medical content submissions.

Specific benefits for use in a professional environment, include the integration of software Crestron RoomView, which makes it possible to configure, manage, and control the electronic devices present in every moment.


Optoma W505 is also characterized by low noise and high savings. It has functions such as sleep, which is activated when the projector does not detect signal for an extended period, and on fast, for immediate sign of the image just turn it on. This allows you to reduce your consumption to 0.5 Watts when standby mode and that the useful life of their materials to continue longer.

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By • 29 Jan, 2014
• Section: Projection