The Japanese multinational has opened its first participation in ISE with the official presentation of its professional screens of digital signage and posters for the European market, comprised of Full HD and 4K, video wall, interactive mirrors UHD systems and management inteligenes of digital signage systems.

Toshiba in ISE 2014

The first day of IF 2014 marks a new challenge in the strategy of Toshiba by introducing a new line of business in the European market: professional screens for digital signage and digital signage, however known in Japan and United States.

As already announced in scoop at the end of the past 2013 Digital AV MagazineToshiba has entered the competitive European business displays for digital signage and professional applications, a market dominated mostly by Asian manufacturers, according to the latest data from consultants, focus 30% of trade world in 2014, with 1.5 million units sold.

Toshiba TD-Z551Toshiba has exploited the greater international competition of digital signage, and AV integration to officially present its strategy in this market and products begin shipping during the coming months in the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Spain, present on its stand (hall 8-240) at the Ámsterdam RAI so that all practitioners will know them firsthand.

This new business area form part of the evolution of the company to offer more integrated solutions for installations, from its information technology systems, LED lighting, air conditioning and TVs (SmartTV, 3D and UHD), which in addition to now its experience in digital signage and professional displays, which until now were not marketed in Europe.

The new range of audio-visual products of Toshiba, composed by signage screens with connectivity for dynamic digital advertising services; Hotel TV, displays with resolution 4 K UHD, interactive mirrors, video wall, interactive mirrors and an intelligent system of centralized for signage, control is aimed at a wide range of sectors and environments of application, such as education, restoration and hospitality, healthcare, transportation, Commerce and leisure.

Toshiba will market these systems through its network of distributors, mostly belonging to the computer area by his experience in the notebook segment, and in Spain, this division will be part of the unit of the company, directed by Felix TV Sepulveda, since focusing at the moment on television for professional environment of digital signage screens.

LED screens for video wall applications

Toshiba TD-X551XMonitors for videowall TD-X551X and TD-X551M, ideal for professional users and integrators who require large displays. With its 55-inch and multiple assembly configurations, these monitors can compose images in very large format. Fully customizable and offering high levels of luminosity, these units of Videowall backlit by LEDs include a super slim frame and wide range of controls and inputs.

They have a very thin frame of only 5.1 mm, which means that they show a compact and one-piece image when they act together. The company user can join screens vertically or horizontally and adapt them in seconds thanks to the simple management software created by Toshiba that offers multiple and creative configurations.

Both screens have a full range of inputs and outputs for integration with other devices, including a detachable infrared sensor and a RS232 port external control (power, posts, settings, orientation, etc).

Panels have luminosities of 800 cd/m2 (TD-X551X) and 500 cd/m2 (TD-X551M) allowing its use under a wide range of lighting environments and with a versatile 178 ° viewing angle. In addition, its resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels offers clear and detailed images for a superior viewing experience.

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By • 4 Feb, 2014
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