The celebration of Cisco Live 2014, event in which this multinational specialized in networks has gathered recently to thousands of professionals in the ICT sector in the center of congresses MiCo of Milan (Italy), has had the XL Video provider for design, supply and support audiovisual solutions, imaging and control during the four-day.

XL Video Cisco Live 2014 Milan Photo are Ebsworth Barnes

XL Video He was responsible for the supply, design and support of a wide range of Visual solutions, including a projection of 60 meters and large-format LED displays screen; cameras / PPU and control equipment during the four days in which was held the annual event of the multinational Ciscoreferred to as Live 2014that has taken place in the MiCo of the Italian city of Milan Congress Centre and which has counted with the collaboration of producers of events George P. Johnson.

For this project, the team of XL Video, managed by Nick Askew and Steve Greetham, has worked closely with Ben Hawkins, Dave Johnstone and John Carss, producer George P. Johnson, to design the projection system for the plenary sessions that are they were celebrating in the Auditorium of the MiCo, seating 3,100 people, and coordinate equipment and logistics of audiovisual systems, screens, screening and control of other 37 areas available for this event.

XL Video Cisco Live 2014 Milan Photo are Ebsworth Barnes

The equipment of the Auditorium was used for an impressive 60 meters total projection screen, divided into left and right, and gently sloping towards the audience ends, leaving three podiums for presentation to the speakers in the front Cisco Live 2014.

Ten projectors of the Belgian firm model HDF-W26 Ship were responsible for creating the image on this big screen, running in five pairs (active and hot backup) from the control area of the room, and whose edge of mixed together with the screen management system Encore to create a single image across the surface, also controlling cameras in live and the output to display a wide variety of formats (PowerPoint, Keynote, PlaybackPro, etc).

Live production

XL Video Cisco Live 2014 Milan Photo are Ebsworth Barnes

Playback of media for the screen was carried out with a Catalyst XL, managed via a console grandMA2 light, flexible scheduling all the elements of video across the table to synchronize them with the reproduction of audio, which tracks are It also fed with the Encore system.

Plenary sessions could follow live thanks to five HD cameras Sony HXC-100 supplied by XL Video, distributed in two in the rear of the auditorium equipped with lenses of x 70; another pair in the dollies situated front of the stage, and a remote camera Bradley Cam-Ball 2. These systems are introduced in a Panasonic HS450 PPU chopping the mixture, while Cisco TV provided an independent submix for transmission over the Internet through a Panasonic HS400 PPU.

Recording sessions took place in four AJA Ki Pros, who along with eight monitors were part of this system, with a modular matrix Lightware MX - FR33R SDI and DVI-I /O and fiber systems Lightware.

Multi-device connection

XL Video Cisco Live 2014 Milan Photo are Ebsworth Barness

To integrate a 'second screen' in the plenary sessions, XL Video contacted Matt Mapleston to create a system that communicate with devices of the participants, connected to the wireless network on the Cisco website, and allowed sending messages, images , animations, videos, etc. to the thousands of devices during the event.

Delegates in the plenary hall or auditorium connecting to Cisco WiFi led to a specific IP address through your web browser, and during the opening session were displayed in the main screen images sent by devices, adapt automatically to the resolution and orientation of the connected device (tablet, smartphone,...). This system was also used to show slides of presentations on the same personal devices.

XL Video Cisco Live 2014 Milan Photo are Ebsworth Barnes

For the 37 rooms for informal meetings reserved for the celebration of Cisco Live 2014, XL Video has supplied 36 spotlights (between 6 and 20 K) by the company Panasonic, which used the new system Lightware HDBaseT DVI on CAT, as well as DVI on CAT 37 fed by encoders Cisco, which allowed attendees access to the presentation.

The lounge have endowed with a score of monitors, at 47 to 90 inches, along with 80 comfort monitors, formats all about fifty boat Image Pro II and ten climbers boat PDS-902.

XL Video also was responsible for the supply of a LED display 11, 5 × 3 metres from the manufacturer Absent that used to welcome attendees to this event.

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