The Aeryon Scout drone has been the main protagonist of the presentation made by Siemens to the media in SICUR 2014. In addition, it has unveiled different novelties for the fire protection, intelligent solutions for critical infrastructure and areas of inspection and detection.

Siemens Drone Sicur 2014

Siemens It is present at SICUR 2014, which is being held in the Recinto Ferial de Madrid)IFEMA), through its division Building Technologies and took advantage of their attendance to present its latest innovations in the areas of fire protection and security solutions, in the latter by Tecosa, Siemens group company.

In the environment of security for critical infrastructure, Siemens, through Tecosa, has presented the unmanned aerial system of last generation Aeryon Scou. With a range of 25 minutes and weighing 1.3 kilos this drone is easy to assemble, deploy and manage, proporcionamdo quality images even under adverse conditions, with wind and rain. It supports winds of up to 50 km / h with gusts of 65 and temperatures of - 30 and 50 degrees.

Siemens Drone Sicur 2014The unmanned UAV (Ummaned Aircraft System) of the latest generation can be used for strategic rail, energy, defense and security sectors. For civil and military applications are extensive, ranging from the supervision of perimeters of security or border surveillance to search and rescue support.

In this environment for critical infrastructure also highlights the new version of Siveillance SitelQ WA, which goes beyond the traditional systems of video surveillance, to provide security for a tool that allows you to stop, proactively , any attempt by foray into the security perimeter of a facility critical until there is intrusion. The system allows to show what is happening in real-time on the restricted access areas of the installation in a single screen.

Siemens in Sicur 2014Fire protection

In the field of fire protection, Siemens has shown the most modern technology in dry extinction and detection systems aspiration. The main novelty is the silent nozzle Sinorix Silent Nozzle, designed to keep noise levels below 100 dB during the process of extinction, especially suitable for data centers, control rooms, and computer centers.

In the field of detection, the company introduced the detectors aspiration Sinteso FDA221 and FDA241, a modern and advanced technology that allows to identify and distinguish between smoke and dust, avoiding false alarms and allowing obtain technical signal indicator of dusty environment.

Siemens in Sicur 2014Inspection and detection

As developments in the area of inspection and detection, the main novelty that Siemens has unveiled in the framework of the International Salon of security is X Smiths Heimann HI-SCAN 6040-2is x-ray inspection equipment. Double view, performs automatic detection of liquid explosives and is ideal for airports, official buildings, or other critical infrastructure that concentrate a large number of people.

This combined with the Archway detectors CEIA Metal of last generation, designed to adapt to any place (airports, prisons, stadiums...), make the buildings safer centers.

Connectivity and security

From their operations Center remote (COR), Siemens manages the maintenance with the highest levels of security of the facilities of more than 600 clients. In addition, has expanded its range of services with the development of a new system of connectivity, Service 2.0, which provides a high level of security and privacy of data in technical assistance in protection through a connection in real time against fire and building automation. A service that is shaping up as a differentiating factor to guarantee the safety of the buildings and people.

AC Marriot Hotel chain has relied on this new service and Siemens monitors system fire of 15 Hotels Group in Spain, ensuring a higher level of safety in their establishments.

Siemens Aeryon Scout

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By • 27 Feb, 2014
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