Digital signage has become a key element that companies promote their brand image. The digital displays provide information more up-to-date and closer to the consumer than the traditional signage. Advertising and information about cultural events and entertainment are the main contents of these supports.

PIT in the San Sebastian airport

Digital screens have become the preferred way to display information about cultural events or leisure or as an advertising medium, being places where most proliferating shopping malls, train stations and airports.

IAB Spainthe association representing the sector of advertising and digital communication in Spain, today presented the second study annual Digital Signage (outdoor digital signage) made by the company Praises Group and led by the Commission's Digital Signage.

digital signageIn the study it is highlighted as the companies who advertise on digital screens get better brand image. 50% prefer them against 10% that it opts for the foreign offline, since they believe that digital screens more attention and get to offer a more updated, creative and useful content. Additionally, digital media can deliver content most linked to the site in addition to updated to offline media.

In regards to the content that is shown on these displays, the study reveals that 60% is publiciario, followed information about cultural events and leisure (30%) along with offers and promotions (29%). This makes users feel attracted and feel that these media offer them information useful (47%) and that motivates them or influence their decision to purchase (39%).

Digital signageThe most notorious tested communication support is hoarding (72%), followed by the poster advertising (69%). Digital screens has a notoriety suggested 39%, illustrating it with examples, the notability is almost absolute (93%). The type's most recognized digital media is the digital screen (87%), followed by the totems (79%).

The vast majority known touch screens (93%) and they are located in malls, shops and stations/airports.

A quarter of the sample who know the touch screen has made any purchase (especially tickets transportation, food fast through kiosks or shows entries) and appreciate it in a positive way since they believe that it saves time. Intend to use it increases if you are in a crowded store (83%) and 57% said to use it to make purchases.

Viatek group participates in the maintenance of systems of digital signage of Loterías y Apuestas del EstadoAccording to the stand, different locations are identified. While the offline are typical outdoor (billboards and posters), the digital are located in shopping malls and stations or airports.

Best known and most used mode of interaction is the QR, followed by touch screens. Social networks are the third mode of interaction, known and used particularly among young people.
Among those who interacted through digital channels, spontaneously, they recognize that curiosity has been the motivation.

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By • 7 Mar, 2014
• Section: Digital signage, Display, Studies, dynamic Advertising