Tim Bergling, known professionally as Avicii and one of the DJ most renowned globally and producing discs, has entrusted the innovative show of their tour ' Wake me up' in the United Kingdom and other European countries in video production solutions, imaging and control supplied by XL Video.

XL Video & Avicii

The current tour that the DJ international and Swedish record producer Avicii being made by Europe has systems of high visual impact, with a show of music, light, sound and pyrotechnics combined with amazing videos with film elements and animations in real time to the delight of the thousands of fans who attend their concerts.

A varied and complex production AV, formed by large-format LED, projection, cameras and control systems, screens Avicii has entrusted to the specialist XL Video and its project manager Paul Macca; under the direction of Curly Jobson in the tour, with the AV effects performed by Harry Bird, the company's This Is Comixspecializing in Visual graphics and direct in motion.

Innovative stage

XL Video & Avicii

Avicii tour show has two Visual areas formed by two separate screens. The back of the stage has two display Pixled F-12 of XL Video, 18 meters wide and more than five height, hanging at the sides to replicate the design of the diagonal wall.

The front of the cabin of Avicii has covered with a screen of LEDs of the model OLite 510 of the Belgian firm Shipthat is used creatively to generate versatile shapes that are then mapped with precision and enhance the work of this DJ, unless the event is affected by the illumination of the environment. In this case, XL Video has created modular LED systems to measure, along the diagonal lines of the design.

Both types of screen are robust and suitable for transportation during the tour. In this sense, the model F - 12 is integrated into light XL video tour frameworks, that facilitate its removal and installation time.

Live audiovisual production

XL Video & Avicii

Playback of video content by Harry Bird runs completely on live, without using time code in this program, using software from Resolume Sand, as well as other Resolume system for material file, images and graphics that support in the spectacle of Avicii.

Added to this are two projection screens side FT in portrait (20 × 11) mode which are fed with two separate systems of Barco FLM 26K rear projection, with a capacity of 26,000 lumens. Most of the time, these displays replicated the content of reproduction that is displayed on the main screens with some occasional snapshots of IMAG, which XL Video has supplied a package consisting of three chambers.

XL Video & Avicii

This proposal consists of an HD/SD camera Sony HXC-100, which allows you to configure the systems operated, conventional triaxial mode with a FOH mixer, and a remote camera Bradley Ball Cam 2, located just behind Avicii to capture images of the attendees, and one combined operated by Ray Gwilliams using a switch Panasonic MX100, as an effective solution to involve the audience in the energy and dynamism of the show.

The video is done in the Center, the core of the visual spectacle, which also covers lighting, laser and special effects. All these elements are performed live, even when there is no list of topics and Avicii performs a completely unique system in each performance, although certain well-known tracks include previously.

XL Video & Avicii

For the creation of the video, the technicians worked closely with Tim Bergling (Avicii) in order to produce footage to match it with different sounds. In this sense, the most recent work of this DJ incorporates "more organic sounds 'live', which are accompanied with elements more film for video material, while for dance over more traditional dance, the video focuses with" neon colors and shapes in motion."

The result is a dynamic mixture of these different styles, for what the contrast on the images is simultaneously complemented and in harmony with the music, and as designated technicians of the show "that is providing a distinctive visual elegance to the" Avicii show'.

XL Video & Avicii

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By • 11 Mar, 2014
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