Redken European Symposium 2014 offered a performance that combined the performance of artists live with the screening of a videomapping that served as a backdrop. XL Video supplied systems imaging and visualization, as well as take care of the average server controlling the interaction of the stage.

XL Video Redken European 2014

Last February was held in the Olympia Grand in London one of the most prestigious contests between styling and hairdressing professionals: Redken European Symposium. This year's Edition has counted with the producer Zibrant LIVE! for the staging of this spectacle of inspiration and masterclasses which unfolded over three days and which is revealed the latest techniques in color, design and business development.

XL Video it supplied the producers of Zibrant LIVE! systems of projection and display that were needed to make the start-up scene. In addition, tasked to provide teams to control and synchronize the mapping that were projected in the background of the scene, hiding the games of doors that were opened and closed.

"It was the first time that we worked for this client by the pressure and the expectations were intense, but great teamwork and the talent of our three operators of media servers helped that it was a great success," explains Toby Evans , Manager of XL Video.

XL Video Redken European 2014

Interaction between reality and image

The event was held around a large stage, located in the main hall of the Olympia Grand, 20 meters wide by seven's high, which was designed by Marc Lewis de Production poster and built by en Set & Stage. A setting of two heights, which included six sets of doors open and a gateway on the front that is directed towards the area of the public, with rolling aisles.

For the inaugural Festival, organizers wanted to video images, created especially for the occasion, will rotate around interpretations and artistic numbers that were performed live. And this was the responsibility transferred to XL Video and his team.

The content, specially commissioned by L' Oréal and produced by Hello Charlie, was performed in London and featured a collage of 'live' iconic images of the city.

XL Video Redken European 2014

The choreography included movements with artists who came and went by real doors that had been on the stage and which, in some ways, were hidden by the mapping that are projected on them in several different formats and showing images of London Underground, their famous buses or taxis typical black. All of them located in different parts of the city.

Interaction and overlap of each one of the elements was a great work of coordination for all out as an immersive environment that enveloped the performers moving across the stage. And to coordinate the follow-up of all this show used three medium server Coolux Pandora of XL Video.

The first was programmed and operated by Chris Bowman, who devoted great attention to the details of the building. He worked closely with James Cooksey, creator of all lines of time and parameters that set out the allocation of the mapping of the Pandora boxes, and also operated the second system, while Erica Frost was in charge of the third.

XL Video Redken European 2014

Projection and image

Xl Video provided three projectors Ship HDQ-2K40 40K that were placed on a front truss and whose images were mixed through Pandora's box. XL also supplies the screens on the side of the scenario. A display ten meters wide that fed on the images of Imag cameras.

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By • 8 Apr, 2014
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