Paco Roncero offers a new dining experience at Sublimotion, an exclusive restaurant where diners can enjoy a fusion of culinary art and audiovisual technology, sitting on an interactive table that projected mapping, chords with dishes that are serving.

Sublimotion Paco Roncero

Only a few can enjoy new sensory experience created by Paco Roncero. Sublimotion is the new exclusive restaurant that will open its doors this month of may at hotel Hard Rock of Ibiza and where fuses innovative technology with the most avant-garde of the culinary arts.

After the carried out experience two years ago, under the name PacoRonceroTaller, it has now embarked on a new project in which gastronomy takes the highest avant-garde: Sublimotion.

Sublimotion Paco Roncero

In 2012, this Madrid chef created a space in which allied the gastronomic art and technological innovation to offer a complete and unprecedented emotional experience. As already published in Digital AV Magazine, this workshop is conceived as a research laboratory, a space for the development of the creative talent of the chef and his team in the design of new dishes as well as a classroom of formation connected to the exchange of knowledge among the elite of the Masters of the kitchen. For the realization of this initiative, Paco Roncero used solutions of HP and the table interactive Hisia.

The evolution of this project is called Sublimotion, an exclusive restaurant of high standing in the new Hotel Hard Rock Ibiza whose dishes will only enjoy 12 Diners each day at an affordable price for very few.

Paco Roncero wants to offer a multi-sensory and emotional experience combining the most avant-garde culinary art with the most innovative technology.

Sublimotion Paco Roncero

The local, expected to open its doors this month of may, is surrounded by a wide screen that transports diners to different scenarios that will be consistent with the show that will develop in the dining room and who will try to create an environment of chromatic atmospheres. Guests will be surrounded by displays in order to participate in this futuristic experience that has been designed to the last detail. Even the table itself is a large interactive display in which van reproducing images, video and different effects of mapping.

This is accompanied by music, games, lights and scents that create a different environment for each dish or even for each phase of the taste of the dish. All this to create a world of sensations, colors and smells.

Sublimotion Paco Roncero

Audiovisual technology

Paco Roncero team will have the help of the company Vega Factory to get make the gastronomy show and create projections of 360 degrees that are being produced in unison of the changes of temperature, humidity and musical tunes.

In regards the table which sit Diners, the chef with two Michelin stars, three SolesRepsol and the national prize of gastronomy 2006, repeated experience and this Ibiza restaurant uses the same technology as in its so-called space PacoRonceroTaller.

Hisia is the smart table, built in Keraon (a ceramic material of high performance obtained more than 1200 ° C), elected in both projects to immerse guests in this culinary experience. A horizontal interactive display of about six meters long which are projected images, with areas of cold and heat, and different visual effects.

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By • 13 May, 2014
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