A creative and spectacular scenario is what XL Video has created for the staging of the tour being made by the Canadian rock group Arcade Fire. The composition integrates two rectangular screens designed with PIXled F-11 LED tiles in the middle and two IMAG structures on the sides. The projection is the responsibility of Barco's HDF W26K systems.

XL Video with Arcade Fire

XL Video has provided visual production for the tour Reflektor that the Canadian rock group Arkade Fire is performing. A tour that began last February in the United States and Latin America and has now arrived in Europe. By the month of August it will cross the Atlantic again. XL Video is responsible for providing the necessary staging equipment including projection systems, LED displays, media server control and PPU cameras.

The band is well known for its tendency towards the experimental and for facing different creative challenges. Designer Richard Stembridge has been in charge of staging, just as he did in 2011 with his other tour The Suburbs. "The show is proof of your imagination, vision, talent and ability to think differently," says Phil Mercer of Project Manager.

XL Video with Arcade Fire

For this tour, Stembridge wanted a versatile lighting equipment for all surfaces to allow for multipurpose video viewing. This is why he began to investigate how to place, at the back of the stage, video screens that reflect light when they are not showing any content and that come to life when the video is running. To achieve this effect he has used LED tiles Pixled F-11 with a polyethylene terephthalate (Mylar) material for the mirror.

The Pixled F-11 is an ultra-light and semi-transparent LED video display suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. It has a light output of 5,500 nit and is designed with an IP65 degree of protection.

In this way, 120 F-11 tiles have been used to create two rectangular screens with mirror 'fascias' that appear to fly towards the ceiling thanks to Kinesys' automation system.

XL Video with Arcade Fire

In terms of the projection system, nine HDF W26K equipment have been used for this tour Ship. Tres se colocan sobre una estructura de 18 metros de ancho por nueve de ancho, ubicada detrás de las pantallas de espejos, y los otros seis se utilizan para alimentar las pantallas IMAG, localizadas en los laterales del escenario.

Estas pantallas IMAG forman una original estructura que se asemeja a un panel de abejas. Una composición que rompe con la tradicional instalación vertical formada por cuatro mini displays hexagonales individuales interconectadas entre sí. Una zona que permite visualizar cuatro proyecciones diferentes, una de gran superficie u otras muchas combinaciones. Es por esto que son necesarios tres proyectores de Barco para cada una de estas composiciones IMAG.

Los contenidos de las pantallas son suministrados a través de cuatro servidores de medios Catalyst v4 que se activan desde una consola Road Hog Full Boar que es operada por Stembridge en el FOH.

XL Video with Arcade Fire

Algunos de los contenidos que son reproduccidos en las pantallas no son tomas realizadas en directo sino que son creaciones desarrolladas expresamente para este espectáculo. Algunos de estos vídeos son obra de Moment Factory.

Este espectáculo también cuenta con cinco cámaras Sony HXC-100 y dos cámaras robotizadas BRC H700 del mismo fabricante. Las primeras se colocan en el FOH con lentes de largo dos se ubican en el foso, y el resto en el hoyo sobre pedestales de pista y una plataforma rodante y neumática que proporcionan el rango dinámico de movimiento que busca Stembridge.

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By • 23 May, 2014
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