In each of the local Cheesecake Factory restaurant chain three screens have been installed LG LN549E connected to a BrightSign HD220 media player.

Brightsign y LG en Cheesecake Factory

The popular restaurant chain Cheesecake Factory, famous for its cheesecakes, has decided to renew the image of its more than 175 establishments that has spread across the United States both at home and abroad. And for that, you are installing digital signage displays that will complement traditional menus. Each of the stores has endowed three screens 42 inch LN549E LG Electronics which they are connected to a digital signage player BrightSign HD220.

“Cuando comenzamos a pedir presupuestos para esta instalación, nos sorprendió la gran variedad de ofertas y, sobre todo de costes. Al final nos decidimos por BrightSign porque era el que mejor se adaptaba a nuestro presupuesto y porque los reproductores de estado sólido son mucho más fiables que las soluciones basadas en PC que fue la primera opción que consideramos”, explica Todd Bermann, presidente de la empresa integradora encargada del proyecto, Tab Technical Services.

This integrative had to face certain challenges such as the implementation of a digital signage network that was centralized and how to show as extensive as is the Cheesecake Factory menu. In addition, owners of the chain were also looking for a way to centralize and streamline employee training through this network.

Brightsign y LG en Cheesecake Factory 2

The solution was found in the installation of a DSL connection dedicated to digital signage; a trio of screens in every restaurant in which more than 60 menu items are renewed in a loop are offered. Updating these contents is carried out from headquarters, although those responsible for each restaurant menus can be adapted to individual supply of each establishment.

With regard to training, these same screens are used for playing this type of video. These are programmed and managed from headquarters by HR managers.

"The catering industry is one of the fastest growing segments within the most market for digital signage, and our work with The Cheesecake Factory shows the visual effects that can be achieved by offering menus via large screens. The imagery inside the restaurant helps guests to explore local supply and whets the appetite for a satisfying dining experience, "said Jeff Hastings CEO of BrightSign

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By • 26 May, 2014
• Section: Digital signage, Display, signs distribution, networking