With a network of 510 digital signage screens distributed in 35 Spanish malls, Neo Advertising has been the first who has audited by OJD Interactiva, which estimates up to 30 seconds of average user attention.

Neo Advertising shopping center

The division of online media in the Office of the Justificación de la Difusión, OJD Interactiva, which audits the circuits of digital signage in Spain, two years ago has estimated 20 seconds the average time attention in the Neo Advertising Network in 35 centers come rciales of Spain, which increases to 30 during the broadcast of sports events.

The network of Neo Advertisingcomposed by 510 screens deployed in shopping malls that incorporate facial recognition systems, it has been the first audited by OJD Interactiva, and the data obtained show the interest of people outside digital media.

These screens, which combines advertising with entertainment and branded content, mainly of parties and live sporting events from soccer, incorporate more than 250 devices of audience measurement. In addition, thanks to this audit, Neo Advertising have monthly a certificate of audience with data of attention from the public, prints (impacts or total number of audience), the gender and age of the public.

Neo AdvertisingAs explains Roi Iglesias, CEO of Neo Advertising, "history of the two years of measurement allowed to conclude that digital signage screens increase the number of impacts in periods of sales or, for example, that the end of the Spanish League and the Champions League" League have managed an average of 30 seconds of attention, which is more than 8 seconds against the average of these screens at other times. Understand these data opens new possibilities of advertising planning for the environment".

In this sense, churches says it is important for this digital medium to offer data, since "they are the basis of planning in digital media, and we believe that they are an important pillar in this new digital billboards, which has traditionally measured mainly influxes'.

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By • 5 Jun, 2014
• Section: Digital signage, Display, Studies, Business, dynamic Advertising