The new microphone units beyerdynamic technology Revoluto complement the range of these devices for wireless conference system Quinta from this supplier.

Beyerdynamic Quint Revoluto

The German manufacturer of audio systems beyerdynamic, Company represented in Spain by Gaps Professional Division has developed new microphone units incorporating the patented technology Revoluto, completing its wireless conference system Quinta.

Usando una serie de cápsulas de micrófono conectadas de forma inteligente, la tecnología Revoluto proporciona un patrón direccional de pasillo, lo que permite al orador la máxima libertad de movimiento (tanto sentado, como de pie o moviendo la cabeza) sin que el volumen o la calidad sonora se vean afectadas. Gracias a ello ya no es necesario un micrófono de flexo, lo que aporta a los participantes de la conferencia una visión durante la reunión mucho más limpia y despejada.

The new microphone units beyerdynamic chairman and chief feature an elegant design while are sufficiently resistant to scratches thanks to its high quality paint used in the automotive industry.

Beyerdynamic Quinta MU31 y MU33

Those attending the meeting know the status of the microphone unit thanks to small lines of light on the sides, and the buttons are backlit in three colors, facilitating their use in low light conditions. In addition, to ensure the accessibility of all participants, the buttons are also marked in Braille.

beyerdynamic has maintained its recognized concept loaded with a carrying case and charging for these modular units microphone. In this way, they can accommodate up to twelve microphone units that are charged to a maximum of 2.5 hours, after which can be used again.

Wireless conference system Quinta, whose name reflects the fact that the fifth generation of wireless conference systems beyerdynamic, you use advanced technologies such as automatic transmission channel, AVB interface and control from smartphones or tablets.

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By • 17 Jun, 2014
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