With Cisco HCS, Telefónica provides virtual infrastructure of IP telephony in your data center, pay per use, integrated in a solution end-to-end.

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Telefónica It has added to its range of corporate solutions Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS) in order to optimize the development of unified in business communications and increase collaboration among employees.

Cisco HCS allows corporations to deploy their own virtualized IP telephony PBX in Telefónica data centers, maintaining the same features as if the control unit is found at the headquarters of the customer and with the advantage of having of a service that adapts to the needs of each company. It avoids investments in infrastructure and platform updates.

Cisco HCSWith this service, it is possible to develop more agile and simple IP telephony infrastructure, which translates into greater flexibility to create new offices and increase the performance of the service according to the specific needs of the business. In a mode of payment of monthly installments, which moves away from the investment model and allows you to do a higher forecast of expenditure for businesses.

One of the main advantages of Hosted Collaboration Solution is that it allows to evolve towards a system of unified communications within the core of enterprises, since an IP telephony platform with updated on an ongoing basis and in a transparent manner It is easier to integrate various systems of communication using the companies.

This solution also includes access to the full suite of Cisco, as Cisco WebEx collaboration, meeting through video web conferencing applications, or Cisco Jabber, client integrated unified communications allows users interact through different channels: Instant Messaging, voice, video, messaging, voice, or video-conferencing from anywhere and any device.

Telephony VoIPTelefónica, in addition to the accommodation in their data centers, performs the installation, management and maintenance of this service. It provides an extreme solution to end, where customer account with the operator as a single partner, both as regards communications services, as network data and TI.

With the integration of communication systems, companies are able to create more efficient working environments, which users have access to your information regardless of where they may be, and have all your applications (e-mail (, voice, instant messaging, video conferencing, etc.) in a single interface. Factors that improve communication between employees and facilitate teamwork.

Through Telephony IP it is possible to carry out this integration. HCS Cisco solution also allows you to adapt the unification of communications to the user's profile to create an experience that is personalized according to the needs of each company or employee.

Telefónica incorporates the Cisco Call Manager platform to its portfolio of IP telephony enterprise hosting solutions, expanding the benefits posed by these services for corporations and taking one step forward towards the creation of a model of integrated communications.

Having the virtualized IP telephony platforms in the cloud of Telefónica, involves great benefits for companies, which will have its platforms redundadas in the datacenters of the operator, as well as having additional guarantees at the level of safety and energy efficiency that have placed these centers in a differential position internationally.

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By • Jun 30, 2014
• Section: infrastructures, networking, Telepresence / Videoconferencing