Toshiba LED TV series is available in 32 screens, 40, while the L3 adds a 48 inch model. All of them include AMR+200 technology, and have sound Dolby Digital +.

Toshiba L34 Series

Toshiba He has presented on the Spanish market the L2 and L3, series two lines of medium-sized televisions, designed with LED technology and Full HD resolution 1080 p. These displays are characterized by offering high performance imaging and connectivity.

Toshiba 48L 3445L2 series is available in formats of 32 and 40 inches, while the L3 adds to the two previous formats a 48 "model. The two ranges include technology from Toshiba AMR+200 that improves the quality of the moving image, through the digital noise reduction and active backlight control. They also have sound Dolby Digital +, with two full power 14W 16W of the L3 and L2 series where.

Other features highlighted in both series are the connectivity for HDMI, USB video, PC input and choice Hotel mode with cloning to transfer via USB configuration and tuning of a TV to another automatically and in a few seconds.

32 Toshiba 40L24XXThese connectivity options are supplemented, in the case of the range L3, with MHL provision, which allows you to play content from a smartphone or tablet on the TV through cable, charging in addition the battery of the device.

In addition, Toshiba has joined L3 series features Smart TV, expanding display options with features such as open web browsing, video à la carte or the support for European hybrid, standard TV to combine into a television services of broadcasting and broadband.

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By • 9 Jul, 2014
• Section: Display