Colplay tour to promote his latest work, 'Ghost Stories', it has been accompanied by audiovisual solutions provided by XL Video that made use of Panasonic projectors to get a 360 ° immersive spectacle.

XL Video gira Coldplay "Ghost Stories"

In order to promote his latest work 'Ghost Stories', Coldplay has done a tour by Cologne, New York, Los Angeles, Paris and Tokyo, culminating with two performances in the Royal Albert Hall in London.

XL Video He has accompanied this British rock band providing an audio-visual solution that has made it possible to provide an intimate and original atmosphere to concerts. The visual concept for these shows has been developed jointly by Ben Miles, Paul Normandale, Misty Buckley and Phil Harvey.

The world album 'Ghost Stories' was launched on May 19 but the Group carried out a previous in one of the rooms of the Sony Pictures Studios de Los Ángeles. About eight hundred were the lucky ones who were able to enjoy this work of Coldplay in three actions organized before its launch.

XL Video gira Coldplay "Ghost Stories"

For this occasion, XL of the Video created a panoramic 360 with 46 projectors projection Panasonic PT-DZ21K, controlled by eight media AI I8 servers (four used live and the rest were kept as backup). This is the largest number of projectors that XL Video has been used in a same show.

The room was a member of a small central stage and the most projectors were placed around, on the ground, creating a show visual immersive and intimate.

For the rest of the concerts performed during the promotional tour, XL Video provided a solution that would vary depending on the scenario but had common element a 6 mm LED display placed at the front and hanging over an IMAG screen made by Hangman to soften the look of the LED.

XL Video gira Coldplay "Ghost Stories"

A Catalyst media server was responsible for providing the content, supported by switch Roland V1600. Three robotic cameras Cam-ball 2 was also used of Bradley and other three mini Gnat HD to capture close-ups and some more unusual angles of the instruments and, even, the screen itself. As the camera's small size, flexible and powerful to capture images with a high degree of detail.

Bradley teams were used for the shots of the inverse of the guitarists, while playing keyboards and synthesizers, and then in other positions collect performance by the band on the IMAG screen.

The Gnats were placed in various instruments, including a piano of self-reproduction, and also on the backlit display to give the public a visual overview on how the synthesized sounds were produced.

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By • 18 Jul, 2014
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