Sennheiser has added to its portfolio Tourguide console SL Interpreter, an analog unit that can perform translations of up to in four languages thanks to the amplifier that incorporates.

Sennheiser SL Interpreter

Sennheiser SL Interpreter is an independent analog unit for the simultaneous translation of one or more languages. It's a console especially suitable for small rooms or presentations is used where a single language and a single translation. It allows one or two interpreters receive the original language and send your translation by different audio outputs.

For more than one language, can be concatenated up to 4 SL Interpreter consoles via cables of category 5, and may have up to four languages of translation thanks to an amplifier built-in internal of distribution that avoids the use of additional equipment.

Sennheiser SL InterpreterThe Sennheiser SL Interpreter console, which distributes MagnetronIt has two independent volume and tone controls and allows you to connect a headset so many microphones flexo more separately as a complete headset, both XLR and minijack (type PC).

With this Sennheiser console, you can connect directly languages distribution systems and create a system of simultaneous translation in a very simple way.

Sennheiser SL InterpreterThe Tourguide 2020 is one of the systems recommended for the distribution of the common languages. Another option is to use EK1039 receivers, if you want an analogue system stronger and more versatile with respect to frequency settings.

The audio signals from the SL Interpreter system, and for each of the common languages, can be distributed to listeners through transmitters SR 2020, SR300 or SR 2000, and use receivers HDE 2020, EK 2020 or EK 1039.

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By • 2 Oct, 2014
• Section: accessories, Audio, AV Conferencing